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Zodiac Odes
follow the traditional astrological interpretations of the twelve Sun signs and explore some of the characteristics of the various personalities associated with them. Written with our own unique humorous twist they give a light hearted snapshot of how the person sees and experiences the world and also how the world may perceive them.

Although not rude some of them are slightly risque and deal with issues of adulthood in a fun way and so I would recommend them only for the over Sixteen's.

Zodiac Odes are a great humorous Birthday gift for those who have an interest in Astrology and are writtem for fun and entertainment only.

Zodiac Odes - £11.75
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All unframed Odes come bagged and card backed
- Ready to give as a unique gift
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Personalised title available on all Ode orders
Overall size 10in x 12in (Approx 30cm x 25cm)

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